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Re: Мы желаем счастья Вам!

Vera had a birthday? Oh.. me.. Again I am late. :plush34:

Happy birthday, Vera! :plush39: :ro_za: :plush39: :ro_za: :plush39: :ro_za: :plush39: :ro_za: :plush39: :ro_za: :plush39: :ro_za:
by let`s talk
29 Jul 2011, 19:44
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Tango is sex in music. Lys shouldn't dance tango at all :-) . Dai did well, as always. But at that moment he was barely an adult. That tango was still a little boyish, not as hot as his Vancouver SP stuff.

In spite of the fact that Roxanne was widely used in FS, I don't really remember a super masculine version of it. That is where Zhenya can fill the gap. The Roxanne does suit him (with the right choreo of course). :bra_vo:
by let`s talk
06 Aug 2011, 19:26
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

:ze_le_ny: ..and they also claim that Yana and Evgeni are together only in public, but in fact they live separately. Yana said that she is tired of reading all the nonsense about her and Evgeni. So, they decided to sue this magazine in order to give a lesson to other "masters" of the pen-poisonous-writing.

The sad truth is the Russian courts order to pay tiny sums in lawsuits like this. The "Paparazzi" won't lose much. Maybe they will even obtain more buyers after such an advertisement in But how else celebrities can fight those filthy ones if not in courts. They don't have many options. :ny_tik:
by let`s talk
06 Aug 2011, 19:15
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Dai also skated Tango in Vacouver SP and then took tango in 2011 again for LP. Nobody worried much. It seems to me that after Vancover the phrase "Tango & Plush" became like a horror reminder to his "kind lovers." ::yaz-yk:

I am not worried about Roxanne. What I am worried about is that he is working practically with the same team, after his cooperation with Zhulin got off. :plush38: Anyway, we have to wait and see. :son-ce:
by let`s talk
08 Aug 2011, 17:34
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

I especially noticed this bit...It's just one sentence but I think it shows something about Plushy that when it comes to young skaters, he is thinking not only about teaching them on ice, but also about taking care of them. yeah, the thing that an arrogant person would never do. Once again the comment like this drives me to the conclusion: those who call Plush names in the Internet are either very stupid people, or very bad people. Therefore they can't see the good in others. :-)
by let`s talk
13 Aug 2011, 12:27
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Re: Старые журналы || Old magazines

Strong Man - 2006.

... OTHER PHOTOS HERE : :mi_ga_et:
I actually liked not pics only but the interview too! The interview is quite old, so I skipped all the stuff about Russian FS Federartion, his meeting with Putin, etc., the stuff that we already heard many times. I translated only the parts about him and his personality. :plush45:

I.T.- Are you a sociable person?

E.P.- Yes, I always support the conversation. But mostly I am concentrated on myself. When I am in the middle of training or competition, I feel a huge outburst of emotions, energy and adrenaline. I am completely focused on my work, on myself. I simply don't have any power on doing something else. As the result at the end of the day I sometimes feel empty- I don't want to do anything. Just go to bed and sleep.

I.T.- Zhenya, in your opinion, what does it mean "a strong man"?

E.P. - For example, me- a figure skater Evgeni Plushenko (smile). I think I am a stong man, in life and in sport. When I just started and when I couldn't succeed in everything, my mum always told me that I was strong, I was the best and I would be able to reach all targets. With such a great support I was heading to my goals. I do love to win.

I.T.- You are always so serious, you don't smile enough.

E.P. Me? But if I smile all the time, people will think I am an idiot. I find it strange when people smile with no reasons. I like good jokes and laugh, if they are on topic.

I.T.- I heard you are very emotional but yet you do manage to control yourself. Would you share your secret?

E.P.- When something is going wrong at training, I scream at myself. I always do my best to be perfect at skating. The Free Program is only 4 minutes 40 seconds. During this time I have to perform a lot of elements and they must be clean. I do need super-concentration and super-attention. I still can't stop thinking what a difficult sport FS is. There is no room for mistakes.

I.T.- But the same can be said about any other sport...

E.P.- Yeah, but in game sport like football even if you miss the score, you still have a chance to score back. But in FS there is no such a thing as the second chance.

I.T. - What' sthe difference between Plushenko on ice and Plushenko off ice?

E.P.- There is no difference. My life is FS. I am the same person on ice and off ice. I don't do such a thing as "Now I will finish my program, take off my mask and go home."

I.T.- Is there such a thing as "the perfect sportsman"?

E.P. Definitely, no. Because even a very strong person can lose.

I.T. - I heard you want to act in a movie. What part would you like to be?

E.P.- The leading one (laugh). It could be a historical film or an action.

Blitz Survey:

-The most expensive present you got?
-The car from Putin, the apartment from Matvienko.

-Your hobby?
-Lawn tennis, Russian billiard, football.

-How much cash do you have on you now?
-Sometimes I have none, like today. But I always have my credit card on me.

-What thing in your wardrobe has the biggest number of items?
-Shoes. I have no idea how many pairs exactly I have.

-Your ambitions?
- I am very strict to myself. If I must do this element in this training session, I do it. I never leave it till next training.

-What is your biggest pleasure?
-Just rest. Sleep enough, do nothing and call no one.

-How do you start your morning?
-With a shower.

-Where is the best place on the Earth?
-I adore my city- St-Petersburg.

-What is a "drug" for you?
-Sport. I can't be without it. After two weeks of no- training I start feeling pain in my muscles.

-What jewelry is acceptable on a man?
-A watch, a wedding ring and a small but expensive diamond on the little finger.

-Your favourite cuisines?
-Japanese, Italian, Georgian. I love shashlik!

-Your favorite perfume?
-Lacoste, Paco Rabanne, Chanel.

-Your favourite colors?
-Dark ones.

:ki_ss: plush48 :plush12:
by let`s talk
14 Aug 2011, 18:04
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Re: Picture Radio

More of hot dancing summer :danser_dans: !
by let`s talk
20 Aug 2011, 19:33
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Good for Moscow people. You'll be able to see him on Sep 3th and 4th. It looks like it will the only chance for Moscovites this season. He is officially out of the Cup of Russia. So, I won't go to Moscow. :plush27: His reasons are pretty understandable- to recover his health after two operations and prepare for the season. But I am still mystified with what he will skate in Japan. Maybe on Sep 3th and 4th he will show his new programs, at least their blueprints. :plush47:

Плющенко пропустит Гран-при, чтобы лучше подготовиться - тренер

Олимпийский чемпион, трехкратный чемпион мира Евгений Плющенко принял решение не участвовать в серии Гран-при сезона-2011/2012, чтобы исключить риск выступления в состоянии неполной готовности, сообщил агентству "Р-Спорт" тренер фигуриста Алексей Мишин.

В июне Международный союз конькобежцев (ISU) восстановил Плющенко в любительском статусе. Нынешним летом фигурист перенес операции на колене и спине.

"В серии Гран-при Плющенко участвовать не будет, так как существовал риск его распределения на любой из этапов, например, в начале сезона в Америке, куда ехать не готовым смысла не было, - пояснил Мишин в телефонном разговоре с корреспондентом "Р-Спорт". - А освободиться от выступления там ему было бы уже невозможно - во многом из-за истории, связанной с чемпионатом мира-2010".

Плющенко был дисквалифицирован ISU в 2010 году после того, как отказался от участия в чемпионате мира в Турине, сославшись на травму, но продолжил выступать в коммерческих ледовых шоу.

По словам Мишина, отказ ученика от участия в Гран-при-2011/2012 полностью вписывается в концепцию его подготовки к Олимпиаде 2014 года в Сочи.

"Программа подготовки Плющенко рассчитана не на один год, а на длительный срок, - пояснил тренер. - Смысл возвращения Жени в большой спорт - не один щелчок бичом по соперникам, а планомерное движение к цели - Олимпийским играм 2014 года в Сочи".
by let`s talk
21 Aug 2011, 16:09
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Re: Искусство, вдохновленное Женей || Art inspired by Zhenya

^ Maybe the artist wanted to draw Once Upon a Time in America. But he ended up with some Verona outfit in a la Romeo style. :ro_za:
by let`s talk
12 Aug 2011, 18:05
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

How anyone can sign up Plushy on GP, which he not wants? :du_ma_et: :ne_vi_del:
No, I think but that's beside the point. He wasn't signed for any GP this season. Russia has one spot for Cup of Russia as a host country. So eveyone assumed it would go to Plush. Bu his name was never on records. Technically he didn't withdraw from the Cup simply because he was never listed. I am sure he is safe with ISU.
by let`s talk
22 Aug 2011, 20:04
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Re: Мужчины || Men

Does anyone recognize the combo??? :hi_hi_hi: :mi_ga_et:
Ha! Funny to see how they are copying the things that Plush could do ten years ago. And what PR work they use for that! Evan/Chan landed a quad! Super great! A 4T in SP and two 4T in LP was a matter of fact in times of Plush and Yag. Nowdays some skaters land in training not 4S only but also 4Loop and 4Lutz. Getting hysterical about landing a 4T by some Lys or Chan in fact only makes him look outdated, if not to say miserable.

Thanks for the link, btw! It was a good laugh. ;;-))) :plush42:
by let`s talk
23 Aug 2011, 17:56
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Maya Plisetskaya, the ex-prima ballerina of Bolshoi, expresses her admiration of Plush after the Torino Olympics (from the interview by E.Shainskiy for sport-express, February 22, 2006).


E.S. - I cannot not ask you about Plushenko.

M.P.- He is our favourite. He is so good that it looks like nobody can beat him. I can't imagine who can be better. He is a master, a great master who does everything beautifully, brilliantly and artistically. Also, he always looks so confident that we, his fans, cannot be not confident. He skates like an artist who knows that he is the best. Other skaters think that they are good too, but they have doubts and get nervous. Plushenko on the contrary always knows that he is much better than others, and he convinces all of us in it. He not just "works" on ice, he dances on ice masterly, and that is a wonderful thing to see.

E.S.- What do you think about his appearance?

M.P.- I think his appearance is fine. He is tall, striking, with a handsome body and long arms. He is not some cute guy from the postcard, thanks god he is not!, but he has the perfect face for the stage. The ice is the stage too.

E.S.- Who does he remind you among ballet dancers?

M.P.- He looks like Godunov, the Russian ballet dancer. The same type- tall, handsome, self-confident, with long waving in the wind and pirouettes blond hair. In ballet he would be perfect at parts performed by Godunov. He has the temperament and virtuosity for that."


It looks like she was right after all. Here is Godunov is on the stage:
by let`s talk
25 Aug 2011, 13:01
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Thanks! I am all :plush32: :plush31: :smu:sche_nie: :ki_ss: :an)(gel: :ki-)(-: :plush5:
Ah ah! This is such an eloquent line, letsy! :-)
(do you mind if I call you "letsy"? It's the diminutive for "let's talk" :-): )
:co_ol: No problem. It is surely better than the military sounds "LT". :du_el:

Speaking about Plush, football and nudity. I wonder why here the older Plush and Tomas are shirtless but a younger Hanyu is not (if by all accounts it should be the opposite)? :mi_ga_et: Is a younger guy feels shy in the shadow of a masculinity? :smu:sche_nie:
by let`s talk
20 Aug 2011, 19:30
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

let's talk wrote:
FSU is full of Plush haters. Some of them are in need of mental help. ::yaz-yk:- to them.
Why? Why do they hate him? Because of Vancouver, or because of other reasons ? :ps_ih: I really don't understand. :plush30:
Only a word: Envy! :plush34:
Seconded. Envy, stupidity and dissatisfaction in their own lives. But that's beside the point. Because nobody cares that haters exist. The name "Plushenko" is a guarantee that the tickets will be sold out. FS fans who come to the shows are happy, sponsors and advertizers are more than satisfied, TV companies are fighting for broadcasting, so everybody's happy. Only haters are left behind the closed door and can't enjoy the feast. ::yaz-yk: :ya_hoo_oo:
by let`s talk
27 Aug 2011, 19:43
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Re: Женя в Твиттере || Evgeni at Twitter

What sensational news is he preparing for us? His twitter says:

"Tomorow I am going to train, then we will fly with Yana to Switzerland. We have an important business there. Soon you will hear some sensational news from me."!/EvgeniPlushenko/status/107803192854712320

I read in the internet that in Switzerland he is going to meet sponsors or some do other business stuff. But it's not sensational. What is that sensational news???? I am mistified...... :ne_vi_del: :plush38: :du_ma_et:
by let`s talk
28 Aug 2011, 18:52
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"He-he!" - Dai. ::yaz-yk:
by let`s talk
21 Aug 2011, 16:13
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Re: Различные голосования,рейтинги и т.п || Voting, ratings,


Евгений Плющенко VS Алексей Ягудин | На Дуэли — Кто круче?! :)-(:
Don't stop voting! :mi_ga_et:
Updated votes:

Plush: 1486
Yag: 1096
Done! My vote was 1493. :ya_hoo_oo:
by let`s talk
01 Sep 2011, 17:14
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

What a lovely article! Strange I missed it. My brief translation: Но настоящая работа началась только в прошлом году, когда к работе подключился хореограф Александр Степин. Александр Александрович слывет классным педагогом в области актерского мастерства. Он преподает этот предмет в Академии русского балета им. Вагановой. Опыт работы с фигуристами у него большой. В свое время Степин консультировал олимпийских чемпионов Артура Дмитриева и Наталью Мишкутенок. Правда, с последней не сработался по причине недоверия со стороны Наташи. С помощью пластических и психологических этюдов помогал восстанавливаться после тяжелейшей операции Лене Бережной.
"Алексей Мишин попросил для начала дать два-три пробных урока Жене, - вспоминает Александр Степин. - Затем мы стали заниматься регулярно. Основная работа над номером для чемпионата мира - 2004 развернулась за две недели до турнира. Мы занимались три-четыре раза в неделю по два часа". Известный хореограф не скупился на похвалы фигуристу, отмечая, как легко ему работалось с ним. "У Жени очень богатый и энергетически мощный внутренний мир. Я лишь вносил небольшие штрихи, мазки в программу..." - поясняет Александр Александрович.
По словам хореографа, полностью повторять сюжеты Полунина они не хотели. "Каждый из нас вносил что-то свое. Но главной проблемой было отсутствие шумовых красок в фонограмме", - вспоминает Степин.
"В этом смысле мы очень благодарны за помощь звукорежиссеру радио "Европа Плюс" Александру Стулову, - говорит Алексей Мишин. - А насвистывать в концовке марш предложил Стулову именно я".
Тренер считает, что лицедейская программа Жене удалась, вот только концовка была смазана. "Если помните, первая женщина на трибуне, к которой подошел Женя, танцевать не захотела и задержала номер, - смеется Мишин. - В результате Плющенко закончил выступление в мужском наряде, хотя должен был в юбке. А вообще-то я больше всего боялся, что Женю заподозрят в нетрадиционной ориентации. В Америке гомосексуализм среди фигуристов и тренеров процветает. Но Женя несет в себе такое сильное мужское начало, что пока я не слышал каких-либо насмешек в его адрес".

The real work on this exhibition number (Asissay-*letsy) started only last year (2003-*letsy) when the choreographer Alexander Stepin joned the team. Alexandr Alexandrovich is a well-known master in teaching acting. He teaches this subject in the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. He is also experienced in working with figure skaters. At some time he was working with the Olympic champions Artur Dmitriev and Natalia Mishkutenok. Unfortunately he didn't get enough trust from Natalia. He also helped Elena Berzhnaya to recover after the most serious operation, using his plastic and psychological etudes.
"At first Alexei Mishin asked me to give Zhenya 2-3 trial lessons,- saying Alexandr Stepin.- Then we started studying regularly. The main work on the exhibition for the World 2004 started only two weeks before the tournament. We had two-hour classes 3-4 times a week." The known choreographer is generous with his comments on the famous skater, saying how easy it was to work with Zhenya. "He has a rich and energetically powerful inner world. I simply added some extra touches and lines in the program..."- explained Alexandr Alexandrovich.
According to the choreographer, they didn't want to copy the image of Polunin. "We wanted to bring something special. But the main problem was the lack of some typical sounds in the music used for the show",- said Stepin. "We are really grateful to the soundman of "Europa Plus" (Russian radio station-*letsy) Alexandr Stulov, -added Alexei Mishin.- That was actually my idea to offer Stulov to whistle at the end of the march".
The coach thinks that the exhibition number was very successful, except the final part. "As you remember the first woman in the audience who Zhenya invited didn't want to dance. It caused the pause, -smiled Mishin. As the result Plushenko finished the number in a male costume, but the plan was to be in a female one. (*letsy: :ne_vi_del: I am not sure I follow, I see him in a skirt at final) Actually, I was a little worried that Zhenya might get suspected in non-traditional sexual orientation. In the USA homosexuality among figure skaters is blooming. But Zhenya has such a strong masculinity that all my worries were absolutely pointless" ( :)-(: -*letsy).

plush48 :co_ol: :plush46: :plush45:

Here is the link to that number. I chose this one because 1. the German commentators are less annoying, 2. we can enjoy the first number Hafanana too with its amazing footwork on one foot and the huge energy of the super crazy audience!!!! :ya_hoo_oo: :son-ce:
by let`s talk
04 Sep 2011, 13:39
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Видео встречи Жени с поклонниками 3 сентября 2011. КАТОК РУ :mo-ro_zi_vo: :plush31: :plush32: :plush39:
(Evgeni's meeting with fans after Test Skating 03.09.2011 Rublevka, Moscow)

Встреча c поклонниками. Часть 1 КАТОК. РУ 3.09.11
Часть 3 КАТОК. РУ 3.09.11

Hey, girls! What a lovely interview/meeting you had! I wish I had been there :plush27:. I am not sure I recognize all voices, there are some fans asking him questions. One voice sounds more often and louder than others, probably because the person was close to the camera. Is it Irina? Well, since I am not sure, I'll just call "Fans" when I translate the girls' questions briefly.


Fans: Today is not an Olympic day, not the Worlds and yet you looked so committed in your skating. You did it for whom? For the committee, for the specialists?

Zhenya: For you. For you- my fans, for myself, for Piseev (girls: :-) ha-ha-ha), for Gorshkov, for Mutko, well... for everybody!

Fans: How is your knee?

Zhenya: It's okay, more or less, but it still hurts.

Fans: How does the operation change your training routine?

Zhenya: Well, I am trying to keep the schedule normal. But if it hurts too much, I just stop training. If it doesn't hurt, I'll keep it going. But recently because of the test skating I had to train in any case. By the way today I was happy that I didn't feel strong pain when I landed a quad at the training. At a warm-up I touched the ice with hands but the pain in the knee was not awful. The most difficult part to do now, after the operation, is to sit in a sit spin. Also, I had to warm-up the body longer than usual. If I don't do it, the pain in the knee becomes unbearable. But don't worry! I'll do it! I had tougher times in my life.

Fans: Can you tell us a little more about your new programs? Everybody is very interested to know.

Zhenya: The SP will be the same that we planned from the start. The FP was changed. At first we started working on another FS, but then we changed the program and made absolutely another one.

Fans: We asked because Flade wrote in her interview that you chose the music for FS but for SP- not yet.
Another fan: Flade took that interview ages ago!

Zhenya: Yes, that's true. That interview took place long time ago. The point is my new programs, both SP and FS, are ready. We haven't finished footworks yet. My new choreographer is Irina Sharonova. She is not that famous but she is very smart. She is from St-Petersburg and she teaches at the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory. This year I tried to work with Zhulin, I worked with Lambiel, I planned to work with Browning. David Avdish is my friend, my choregrapher and the person who prepares me for the skating- stretch my body, etc. We discussed with Mishin a new choreographer and decided to work with Irina. We particularly wanted to work with a female choreographer, we think it will bring some new plastic lines in my skating.

Fans: Why your cooperation with Zhulin wasn't continued?

Zhenya: We worked with him and made one program that we thought would be my new FS. But then we changed our mind. It's just not mine yet (about Zhulin's FS- *letsy).

Fans: Have you ever thought at your camp in Italy, and especially after the operations, about finishing your career?

Zhenya: Yes, I thought, more than once. One day I got up, I felt fine, I worked hard, etc. On another day I just couldn't get up, I couldn't control my body, my head, I just wanted to hang my skates somewhere and fly far away on holiday. I sometimes felt angry with myself. It's really hard to come back for the second time, much harder than the first time.

Fans: What inspires you? Yana? (girls- :hi_hi_hi: )

Zhenya: Yana always inspires me. But also, I have the target, I have the idea and I have the desire to skate. Not just skate as #2 or #3, but as #1 of course. I want to skate in Olympics. Not just participate there but I want to win. I alread told in my previous interviews that I see this season as a mid-step. My main target is 2014 year. Before that I want to jump a new quad. I had some successful attemps of 4S and 4Lutz before the operation. But now, after the operation, it's impossible for me to do that stuff. For now.

Fans: What do your doctors say? How long time will the reabilitation take?

Zhenya: It depends. You can't predict it. When they operated my right knee, I could get all my skating stuff back in a month. Of course I felt some pain but in general it was okay. But with the left knee things are not that fine. My current diagnosis is related to bone tissues (hell knows how to translate that med term- *letsy :-( ). Before between the bones there was a full cartilage. Then they cut a part of my meniscus and now the bones are rubbing each other directly. It's not that horrible, the docs say, but I shouldn't overexercise my left knee for sometime.

Fans: Your global target is Sochi. But about your plans for this year?

Zhenya: My current one is the Championship of Russia. If I made it to the team, I will go further, to the Europeans and Worlds.

Fans: After this test skate what do you think about our team?

Zhenya: You saw everything, right?

Fans: Yes, we did, and we were disappointed a lot.

Zhenya: Well, I am sure everybody will do his best. We shouldn't think that if the guys couldn't skate well now, so they wouldn't be able to skate well in the future too. That's just not the right way of thinking. Everyone will skate well, with quads, footsteps, combos, etc. Actually, I shouldn't think about how poorly they skated. I should think about my own skating and do my job.

Fans: What about Switzerland and the promised surprise? We are dying to know!

Zhenya: You'll see it soon in the magazine "Hello".

Fans: Will it be a big surprise indeed?

Zhenya: Well, it depends. For me it was a very big surprise and I am interested to know what will come after that.

Fans: Our shouting before the skating to support you, does it disturb you? We are not on your way to concentrate?

Zhenya: NO! I am really grateful to all my fans and I told that in the interview to "Komsoml'skaya Pravda". Your support, your cheering, the banners that I see everywhere, all this helps me a lot and I feel much happier. Please keep doing that!

Fans: How does the new judging system reflect on your training?

Zhenya. It changed things entirely. The FS became much more difficult. For example the footstep that I did today is only of Level 1. It looks emotional but technically it is only Level 1, because it doesn't have a lot of stuff that Level 2-4 requires. I personally like when the footwork looks impressive. But the current judging system requires to perform a lot of tricks during the footstep. Sometimes it might look boring and less colorful when you are in a hush to perform all of them in order to hit the right level. The effectiveness might suffer but the scores will win.

Fans: I agree. Let's take ice dancing. I used to watch it a lot because it was interesting. Now I don't watch it at all because they all skate the same things.
Another fan: That needs a really good choreographer to succeed in both- effectiveness and pleasing the technical commettee.
One more fan: Chan, for example, with his huge second mark. Judges do love him! Or maybe it's because of his origin, he is Canadian after all (girls: :plush42: ).

Zhenya: Chan is good. He is doing a great work. Let him skate and I will tell my word in Sochi. (girls: ;;-))) ::yaz-yk: )


Zhenya: Today (on 3rd- *letsy) I was disappointed that I didn't do a quad. I should have tried it.

Fans: We heard you had a new tattoo.

Zhenya: Yes, I did (showed it). It' s a scorpion. Here I have "Yana" (in Japanese ヤナ- *letsy.) But when we with Yanochka have our children, I will write their names and the name "Egor" too. So here I'll have the names of all my children that the scorpion will be protecting.

Fans: We want to see your son Egor. Can we do that?

Zhenya: Of course you can. He is in St-Petersburg, training in an ice-hokey school almost every day. He is cute, active and energetic. He tried the skates for the very first time when he was 2 and a half. Then he didn't attend any school for sometime. But now we enrolled him in an ice-hockey club.

Fans: His mother doesn't object?

Zhenya: No, Masha is happy with this choice.

Fans: Have you thought about enrolling him in FS?
Another fan: Come one! You should pity your own children! ( :ni_zia: - *letsy)

Zhenya: No, we don't want him to be a figure skater. That's a too difficult sport, especially now. It's better to be in a game sport. You know, if you don't feel well, you can always wait for a while on the bench (joking, laughing). Of course any sport is very difficult. We chose ice- hockey. Maybe because it is on skates too! I am sure Egor will be fine there.
Thanks to you all a lot! :ki_ss:

:son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce:
by let`s talk
07 Sep 2011, 10:06
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Re: Picture Radio

The very old stuff but a very living one! :co_ol:
by let`s talk
07 Sep 2011, 18:36
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Re: Picture Radio

Some joke time. That's probably one of the best parody ever created on anything on MTV :)-(: :plush26:
by let`s talk
04 Sep 2011, 13:44
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Re: Мужчины || Men

Chan picks up three Guinness World Records

Men’s Short Program World Record: 93.02 on April 27, 2011
Men’s Long Program World Record: 187.96 on April 28, 2011
Men’s Overall Score World Record: 280.98 on April 28, 2011

They forgot to give him one more certificate- as the most overscored figure skater ever. :-)

Seriously, cekoni, what do you want? Guinness World Records is Irish by name only. From 2008 it is owned by the Canadian company Jim Pattison Group which in the 3rd biggest one in Canada among privately owned, You see- Canada. That says more than enough.

Before Guiness World Records became Canadian, I mean in times of Plush, nobody bothered to give certificates for such records to any skater, Plush or Dai or whoever. Everyone understood that the rules changes constantly and you can't compare scores between different competitions. Therefore there couldn't be any record in its classic sense. This time Canadians maybe want to cheer Patrick up after he poo-ed again and lost to Dornbush at some local tournament a couple of days ago. :plush42:
by let`s talk
08 Sep 2011, 18:42
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