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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Back in Pinzolo, again :hi_hi_hi: .... Lelo's link to Italian article (on Plushy's official Italian site) and her pics :plush45:

Luglio 2011 - La grinta del campione :
... please for short translation :plush39:

First part:

Evgeni, his feet on the ice rink countering the pain of new skates, Evgeni who just finished a hard session on the rink going to the river in order to quench with cold water the throbbing knee pain after the surgery. Evgeni running, riding mountain bike, training in the gym, on the ice rink and running again, back in the gym... These days at Pinzolo, last camp of the "Mishin Mission", Evgeni Plushenko has proven iron will to return to competitions already during the next season. After two surgeries - one on the knee and another one in the back, in order to solve a chronic pain - we find him decided to fight like never before.
He's skinny, even more than he was during the last Olympics, he looks in amazing shape, he reminds me of the 2004 season. The face is sharp, the body is thin. After only one month after surgery, he already lands beautiful triples, also the triple axel is magnificent as always.
I had the privilege of assisting in the preparation of some parts of upcoming programs, and as always I found the beauty of Evgeni's art, his unique ability to convey emotion, even by a simple arm’s movement. Work hard: the spins, wherein he has greatly lowered center of gravity and increased the speed; the transitions, for which he was heavily criticized, both are subject of a special care, and step sequences will be a true feast for the figure skating fans.
I'm excited to witness the birth and development of a new program that will become - so we hope - the trump card in the forthcoming races of Evgeni. This experience once again returns the image of a single athlete and an artist capable of transmitting unforgettable emotions. And this is the reason why I follow him a long time.
But what strikes me most of this unique champion is the grit. The desire to fight, never giving up, seems to be the peculiarity of his character, his winning weapons. After winning the winnable in this fascinating and very hard sport, he's still hungry for victory, the desire to give and to be there, that normally are the prerogative of those who have not yet reached the highest levels. As he replied to those who were saying that the struggle was over by now, "I have not yet stopped fighting."
So Evgeni is still struggling, before with his competitors on the ice rink against himself, against the pain left on his body by many years of skating, against the inexorable advancing age. As he tell us during a break before returning to his training: "I have to work hard because I'm old", we deny this, but he insists: "In this sport you can reach the maximum between 18 and 21 years, then the effort becomes increasingly large and to remain competitive you have to work a lot, harder than others. "
He confirms us that he means to return to competitions during the next season, but he's cautious with predictions: the knee surgery is recent and the pain is still intense. He prefer to talk not about the opponents, he's concentrated on himself and his ambitious goals.
First of all, the Olympics of Sochi, which is one of the engines of his motivation to compete. And we hope he may reach also this goal, for the delight of those who admire him and those who love figure skating, the real one, made of soul, passion, perfect fusion between sport and art. A synthesis that finds in Evgeni its greatest fulfillment.
With us he's always helpful and smiling, he greets us warmly, he laughs and jokes when, during a chance encounter in the park adjacent to the ice rink, we're trying to shirk in order to disturb not his training, he is the one who draws our attention sending us a kiss and a smile.
by alysonshade
18 Aug 2011, 14:26
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Женя с Аксельбушем :plush33: ( при нажатии на фото 2раза оно увеличивается до оригинального размера )
Zhenya and Axelbush (click on photos for bigger size)
by Ирина
27 Sep 2011, 21:27
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

"Неделя спорта" от 24.10.11 О возвращении,о предстоящем сезоне,о своих целях!

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that the recent video news report from Nedelya Sporta that featured Zhenya - I have written English subtitles and embedded them into the video. Please enjoy! You can either just watch the video on YouTube at the link below, or you can actually download the whole video to your computer from here:

Enjoy! I love Zhenya here! He is so handsome, happy, and full of energy! This video makes me very happy! plush48
by Nyssa
26 Oct 2011, 03:22
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

And please can somebody tell what Tarasova said after the lp? :plush47: :plush47:
I'll try a little later :a_g_a: .

Tarasova was so excited!!!

Here is translation .

Cor .: …. Artur Dmitriev and Ivan Bariev – these two boys had their best skate today
Tarasova : Yes, good job, the youngsters are great but (interrupting the correspondent) I have no desire to speak about anything else but…
Cor .: That’s for sure. I mean, they skated so well probably due to Zhenya’s participation in the competitions. He pushed everyone.
Tarasova : Yes, because they would be ashamed, just ashamed! A man made such a great comeback! You know, frankly, I was crying. I’m a coach who has been working for hundred years already and it’s the 1st time that I see such an outstanding return. I just can’t get fully aware of what he managed to do today. I don’t see the difference between what Zhenya was in old time and what he is today. I see his perspective; he of course is able to do two quads.
He sometimes used to have trouble on his lutz too. But [today] after he made a mistake he did one more lutz. You know when he did a quad jump, even though with a little error on his landing, when he did 3A-3T combination and one more axel, I realized, after that he would string the jumps like on a skewer , he would let no one to take it from him, he wouldn’t let himself to give it up.
That’s a true thing that we have. Не needs nothing to provide for him, he himself will take it all! Why I say so, because yesterday I was talking with a member of the technique committee, a person who is also a mother [of an athlete], and she said: «We have never been given a chance». But the chance they [must] win themselves. For all this generation, 18 athletes which are here today, and for junior team Plushenko along with Alexei Nikolaevich and his other coaches has done a great deal, he showed how to do it. And they saw this, they know this. I am humanly grateful to him, I admire him; of course I gave him a standing ovation but he gave me a faith that he can do it. And only such people can win, very strong intellectually, technically. He is standing with his choreographer and his off-ice coach and Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin who is a professor, who does everything [for him] And of course there's no denying that he has colossal talent that he got from his mother and father. I congratulate his parents, his wife who is rooting for him and all of us… We are sitting here exhausted. You know it’s like when you visit some outstanding dramatics or concert and you are ready to thank on your knees for making you to empathize. I’m grateful that he made me to empathize, to remember the past, all about him, how he took ice, how they competed with Alyoshka Yagudin, how he aimed for another Olympics… And how he appeared now. That’s not even a world record, that’s a phenomenon. And he has to work so much, work is just beginning, this process can never be stopped.
by Дарина
27 Dec 2011, 22:57
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Zhenya is a wonderful man and a wonderful athlete because first and foremost he loves skating more than anything.And this always shows.The fact that he is so focused and so talented is what makes people in FSU and other places to talk bad about him.People that are mediocre are always jealous of excellence.

I just feel happy that for 14 years now,he lets us experience his skating and see through his soul.
by Zoya
28 Dec 2011, 00:48
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Plushenko leads the world men’s figure skating – Tarasova

Moskva, 26 Jan – RIA Novosti. The coach Tatjana Tarasova stated for the agency of “R-Sport”, that Evgeni Plushenko, who returned to perform at a high level, leads the world men’s figure skating.

At the European championships in Sheffield, Plushenko won the golden medal, despite his chronicle knee injury and the pain in the back. The student of Alexey Mishin performed flawlessly all the 3 programs, although at some trainings he could not even skate. The silver prise winner became another Mishin’s student Arthur Gachinski.

“The return of Plushenko – this is a remarkable event in the life of the world sport. I cried all the night from exaltation after his performance, because he went out winning over himself, his fear and pain, and showed all the world how a great sportsman of nowadays should behave and live. Plushenko leads not only our figure skating, but the world figure skating. I admire this impulse in him and bow down before Mishin’s talent. All this calls forth exaltation and an enormous gratitude.” – said Tarasova in a phone conversation.

The coach thinks, that the performance of Plushenko was prepared “very professionally and knowledgeably”. “In the beginning of the free program the most important element was done – the quad, and all the rest were as if strung after it. Zhenya skated with an enormous joy and presented with this joy all the planet.”

“I can imagine what a hard work it had been – to prepare Plushenko, to help him recover from the injury. I am very grateful to Alexey Mishin and to all the team – the choreographer, the coach for the general physical training, I am grateful, of course, to Zhenya too. I am grateful to his wife Jana, that she keeps this fire burning. We see now how the other guys are growing, how rapidly progresses Gachinski. With two such skaters, we have a hope. Gachinski becomes a real skater, and Evgeni guides him, the way he guides the whole world figure skating.”

“The Russian team had a imposing success. I want to congratulate everybody, who contributed to that.”
by MiLa
30 Jan 2012, 04:17
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by Таня
23 Feb 2012, 22:23
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Report and pics from Tartu by our friend Karen Davies :plush39: ... she was there together with his son Harry, who learned skating in Mishin's camp :plush45:


Arrived in Tartu after a 12 hours of travelling from England and so tired, got a good night's sleep, when we arrived at our hotel Paras(skaters' Hotel)

Thursday 26th July.

Had a great view over the ice rink, where we could eat in the restaurant and still keep warm. After watching Artur and Lisa's training, I saw Vitaly and Evgeni approach the ice rink, Evgeni looking calm and cool as always as he entered onto the ice and began his training. This was early afternoon at around 12.30pm local time, and he practiced continuously for 30 minutes , with Mishin coaching him very throughly, doing a great job and of course you could see the bond between them. Evgeni made all the jumps he had to do within his training session, and landed them well, with great and ever improving skill, I could see how focused, even more this season, he is in training working extremely hard and looking very serious, apart from the occasional smile and glance over to Mishin. From time to time Mishin and Evgeni would skate slowly together up and down the rink with Mishin advising Evgeni on his skating techniques, But all looks good, Evgeni came off the ice happy enough with his efforts. Harry and I went down and talked briefly with Evgeni and Vitaly. Evgeni was happy to autgraph my photos and seemed in a good mindset. I have to say Evgeni looked very fit, healthy.

The evening's training was much more intense with Evgeni first practising his jumps again, and got impatient sometimes, because what we see as really great jumps, is sometimes not good enough for Evgeni's standards, he is a perfectionist and expects 100% from himself. This is why he is a world class figure skater, and does not expect any less. Evgeni wants to ensure that he is at a high standard for next season and takes everything he does extremely seriously, this is great to see, you know he is doing his very best to stay at the top and never give up, such drive!!!. After 30 minutes Evgeni's Chorographer - Pasquale Camerlengo. came on to the ice and went over Evgeni's steps, movements and artistic flow on the ice,. The eye to eye contact between Pasquale and Evgeni was so concentrated you could feel the power of every movement in his new program and feel every tension in the air. The training continued for another 30 minutes at least and I know for certain Evgeni is in great hands with his Chorographer. I think by the end of the evening's training Evgeni was tired and left the rink with Vitaly. It had been a long day's training on and off ice, he needed his space and you have to respect this. I did not at first like the music for the program, but because i see Evgeni great technical ability the music will fit around his skating beautifully and he will make this work well, only Evgeni can do this.

Friday 27th July:

Went down to the rink and Evgeni came for his afternoon practice the same time as the day before, again practicing on the ice for around 30 minutes working on his jumps, doing always his best and nothing less. It just felt amazing to be there and to watch my hero at work, I feel previleged.
The Evening session was the most intense yet. For 1 hour 40 minutes Evgeni trained with Pasquale, Evgeni sheer power, ability and above all endurance in all his movements.... well you have to be there to see this live, it is better than any show, to see the master at work on the ice, watching him do what he is the greatest at, I have never seen anyone skate this remarkable, It is true!!!! Every step, spin, jump and transition into the music was done with perfection. I am so proud to be here. Then eventually Vitaly, Mishin, Evgeni and Pasquale left the rink, having trained really hard.

Then the Gala, we saw many very talented young skaters, but the highlight for me was the outstanding performance from Lisa, and also Artur, who has gained more power and strength in the past year, within his abilities on the ice. The lightening was beautiful and it was for sure one of the best Gala's I have seen. It is a credit to Master Mishin for all his hard work and commitment, for many years to help and support existing and new, up and coming skaters, to achieve high standards and opportunites needed to compete in the future.

Saturday 28th July:

Evgeni came earlier today and started his training at around 11.30am. he practiced his jumps and looked very relaxed and happy on the ice. His skating is very consistant and never fails to disappoint, great to be supporting him here.

The best moment of the day, is when Harry got his certificate for his participation in the summer camp, and Mishin approached Harry and I to go over for the photo when Evgeni came off the ice, Mishin joked with me and we captured a great moment with Evgeni, smiling with Mishin standing behind Harry, in the photo, I managed to get 2 photos with 3 great guys in there and one of Mishin and Harry, I feel this summer camp went really well and gave Master Mishin a big farwell kiss on his cheek, I got on well with him, Vitaly was very poliet and kind too and I told Evgeni personally how incredible he was. Evgeni remains very focused on training which is great news!!!



You can see and Camerlengo in last pic :ni_zia: :hi_hi_hi:
by cekoni
07 Aug 2012, 20:47
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Re: Командные соревнования || Team Event 06/09.02.2014

Zhenya did 4-3-2 on today's practice plush48
10:57 08.02.2014
Евгений Плющенко сделал на тренировке в Сочи каскад "4-3-2

СОЧИ, 8 фев - Р-Спорт, Андрей Симоненко. Олимпийский чемпион в мужском одиночном катании Евгений Плющенко провел в Сочи очередную тренировку, на которой исполнил свой "фирменный" каскад из трех прыжков - четверного и тройного тулупов, а также двойного риттбергера.

Плющенко стал первым в истории фигуристом, исполнившим каскад "4-3-2", это было в 1999 году.

На утренней тренировке в субботу Плющенко также исполнил все основные прыжковые элементы, в том числе каскад тройной аксель - тройной тулуп, в завершение он откатал макет своей произвольной программы.

В субботу на Олимпиаде продолжится командный турнир фигуристов, с короткими программами выступят танцевальные дуэты и женщины, Россию представят Екатерина Боброва/Дмитрий Соловьев и Юлия Липницкая. Затем спортивные пары откатают произвольную программу, от России должны выступить Ксения Столбова/Федор Климов. Российская команда лидирует после первого дня соревнований благодаря успешным выступлениям Плющенко и Татьяны Волосожар/Максима Транькова.
by dustman
08 Feb 2014, 11:49
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Re: Командные соревнования || Team Event 06/09.02.2014

Thanks dear! :plush39:


Please, friends - when you put somewhere video, put also link to this post in this topic:
Видео (с Женей и другие о нём) || Evgeni's Videos

Thanks in advance :plush45:
by cekoni
08 Feb 2014, 13:22
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Re: Мужчины - КП & ПП || Men - Short & Free Programs 13/14.0

Dear Zhenya,

You are a legend, and more than that, A HERO.
You skated despite injuries more times than we can count.
Thank God you stopped today, before something more serious happened!!!
Your country, your friends and your fans from all around the world are proud of you, and for us, you will always be No. 1.
You gave us many many years of beautiful, passionate competitive skating, that eventually took the sport of figure skating to a whole new level. Look at all the skaters today. THEY ARE THAT GOOD BECAUSE OF YOU!!! You inspired the sport, and the individual skaters as well, to move forward and perfect themselves and the entire sport.

It goes without saying that WE LOVE YOU.
You can now focus on your beautiful family, and do anything you want to do - you're very young, life is ahead of you.


Krisztina, Hungarian fan since around 2001...
by Noondarkly
14 Feb 2014, 00:41
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