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Re: Женя в Твиттере || Evgeni at Twitter

What sensational news is he preparing for us? His twitter says:

"Tomorow I am going to train, then we will fly with Yana to Switzerland. We have an important business there. Soon you will hear some sensational news from me."!/EvgeniPlushenko/status/107803192854712320

I read in the internet that in Switzerland he is going to meet sponsors or some do other business stuff. But it's not sensational. What is that sensational news???? I am mistified...... :ne_vi_del: :plush38: :du_ma_et:
by let`s talk
28 Aug 2011, 18:52
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

I found old article about Mishin (and Plush). I don't know I can post this here. And I guess I've already posted it before, but I couldn't find :plush38: If my post is not good for here, please move to the proper topic :plush47:

From Japanese magazine "Figure Skating Days Plus 2009-2010"
Interview with Fumie Suguri

- Mishin is also a scientist. What do you think about his method?
- He makes a special effort to technical side. He is pretty logical. Everyday he gives the Sermon to his pupils. (Laugh) :-)

- Please tell us how Mishin joked?
- I know many things. When the first time I met him, he said to me "You are walking a whole day the same place like an elephant in the jungle! That's whay you can't make a good job!!" (Laugh). And, he divided his students into two groups because there are too many skateres. He called two groups - "Ugly" and "Not ugly" (Laugh). I know much more about that. It's so funny. :hi_hi_hi:

- "Coach Mishin" reminds me of Plushenko. Do you think relationships between them is special?
- I do think it seems that Plushenko is special to him. He usually lays down the law to his pupils. But I see he has a sort of parental love (she says like "Daddy's love" in Japanese :hi_hi_hi: ) for Plushenko. Sometimes he looks at Plushenko with concerned eyes (Laugh). So, Plushenko is special unlike other pupils.
by Kudryavka
22 Aug 2011, 03:53
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

It was unforgettable. Zhenya really made this day. He tried to start with quad but tripled it (before he succeeded it in the practice section). Then he landed three huge 3,5 axels and showed awesome performance, full of energy, grace and incredible personality. It was real “Je sui malade”, not worse then on Olimpics. I saw Tatyana Tarasova applauding him after every axel. At the end the whole audience greeted him with standing ovation. There were a lot of flowers and toys. Any other athlete would congratulate himself with such a good start but Zhenya was so upset because of that quad as if it was already in Sochi. When we meet he returned to this question two or three times, said us that he was nervous today, that quad is not consistent yet and leg still bothers him a bit. It's obvious that Zhenya feels a great pressure from the very beginning, even before competitions really start. He had to give a lot of interviews for media and met with us totally life drained. But he was very attentive, spend with us enough time despite of some journalists awaiting and answered all our questions. Now as never before he needs every possible support. So my big respect to the girls, they really did the best. Also, a lot of thanks to Irina for her help with invitation ticket.
by noran
04 Sep 2011, 01:18
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Евгений Плющенко: "Возвращаться сейчас намного тяжелее, чем перед Ванкувером"
Translated only parts that are not repeated in the previous interviews :mi_ga_et:

Evgeni Plushenko: "Return now is much harder, than before Vancouver"

- Except of the knee, you not so long ago had surgery also on your back. How does it feels?
- The back is more or less normally. If would like today, then in general, it will be possible to live up to the year 2018. (Pause) Just kidding, actually at least until 2014th (smiles).

- Taking into account all operations, when you will able to begin full-time training for the season?
- The full-time training actually begins only now. Work in full force, already in Test Skating. But before was hard, especially in summer training camps. Several times I wanted to end ...

- Helped to overcome the very high goal - Sochi 2014? Or, perhaps, Alexei Mishin found the right words at the moment?
- No, of course, the goal - Sochi. The fourth Olympics. Try it myself at the Olympics again. Maybe even to prove something to myself, and those who do not believe and say that it is impossible to do. But I think if man set a goal and has the desire, he goes to the end, and many can succeed. But I do not advise anyone to do it a second time. Very hard.

- You can compare the current return with that, through what you went to Vancouver? Or all that is still different things?
- No. Now is much harder. Then it was generally playgame. Just because there was no operations, and now the question is related to health. Well, and 27 years - it's not 28, and not 29 (smiles). This affects, to be honest. Very affecting, in the sense that more needed to warm up, more work. The head is still young (laughs).

- While it is a break in active figure skating before you have had longer. And even this does not compensate?
- No. At this time is much harder.

- On the Test Skatings you are doing exibition number. Do not want to show the public the programs in "raw" form? Or because of some more reasons?
- You are right in saying that this is "raw" programs, they need more skated. Because of the leg, I could not do now many elements, for example, spins, some steps, and generally, in full force skated short and long programs. I need to put myself in normal physical condition and then show all in the competitions.

- According to doctors, when the knee will withstand both the programs entirely?
- Doctors recommend a few more injections, which will I get, probably next week. And I think that in mid-October, knee will feel good.

- In your competitive plans appear stages of the Russian Cup.
- Yes, the first start, most likely, will be in late October. Stage of the Russian Cup, I still do not know which specifically.
... For now, first start - it's Russian. It is necessary shown here, to be judges look. And the second event may be international.

- At the closed Test Skating for federal leadership and expertise in Novogorsk, that preceded the open, you showed your programs?
- No, I do not skated there, just practicing. Came president of the federation, some of the judges. Just watched my jumps - I have done all the triples, on several occasions tried 3,5. There was also a quadruple with the touch of ice by hand. But there was already a message, that I can. Leadership liked, they said - go on (smiles).

- The whole story with your the restoration of amateur status has cost you a lot of nerves? Or somehow you managed to ignore that?
- You know, I just continued to train, to perform on the shows. Life continued. I want to say thanks to the Russian Figure Skating Federation and personally, to the president of the ISU Ottavio Cinquanta. I think they made ​​the right choice and did not more spoil anyone nerves. Neither the fans, nor including me (Laughs). Thank you, for supporting me and returned amateur status.

- In this inter-season, appeared to you a new choreographer. Tell us about this collaboration.
- It's Irina Sharonova, a former dancer, now she teaches at the Conservatory of St. Petersburg. She already had occasion to work with the skaters, though not with the largest. I've seen some of her work, and I liked it. I know Irina for a long time. We immediately found common ground, and our work is obtained very quickly.

- She will choreographing you both programs?
- Working on them and David Avdish (permanent choreographer of Plushenko -note), and Irina, and Stephane Lambiel. However, with Stephane we are doing some pieces - the transitions, exits, but not a whole the program. But some fragments, we now put into the program.

- Work with a female choreographer has its own specifics?
- Certainly. I worked most of the careers with men. I tried to try something new. This is unusual, pleasant to work. Men are moving a little differently, while women - more softly, gently. Maybe I just need it.

- Thinking about, how to change something in the habitual image of skater Plushenko?
- You know it's probably impossible. If I start now, it would be I am 15 years old, could be sculpt me. But now, my figure is already done. You can simply add some new moves and new costumes. But the crossover (перебежка?) - as it was in Plushenko, so be it. Naturally, we try to add something new. Especially, figure skating now requires it, because the system is changed.

- There is no boring, that "the figure is already done," do you would like to change something?
- You know, life goes on. At least, I'm not saying "no", I'm trying.

- You follow what are doing eminent foreign competitors? Patrick Chan, who promises two quadruples, or Evan Lysacek, who decided to return in the competitions?
- Of course, I watch all of them. I get lots of information: who, what, which programs. This is necessarily. But I believe that I must primarily think, not about the opponents, than about myself. And do my job.
by cekoni
05 Sep 2011, 09:11
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Видео встречи Жени с поклонниками 3 сентября 2011. КАТОК РУ :mo-ro_zi_vo: :plush31: :plush32: :plush39:
(Evgeni's meeting with fans after Test Skating 03.09.2011 Rublevka, Moscow)

Встреча c поклонниками. Часть 1 КАТОК. РУ 3.09.11
Часть 3 КАТОК. РУ 3.09.11

Hey, girls! What a lovely interview/meeting you had! I wish I had been there :plush27:. I am not sure I recognize all voices, there are some fans asking him questions. One voice sounds more often and louder than others, probably because the person was close to the camera. Is it Irina? Well, since I am not sure, I'll just call "Fans" when I translate the girls' questions briefly.


Fans: Today is not an Olympic day, not the Worlds and yet you looked so committed in your skating. You did it for whom? For the committee, for the specialists?

Zhenya: For you. For you- my fans, for myself, for Piseev (girls: :-) ha-ha-ha), for Gorshkov, for Mutko, well... for everybody!

Fans: How is your knee?

Zhenya: It's okay, more or less, but it still hurts.

Fans: How does the operation change your training routine?

Zhenya: Well, I am trying to keep the schedule normal. But if it hurts too much, I just stop training. If it doesn't hurt, I'll keep it going. But recently because of the test skating I had to train in any case. By the way today I was happy that I didn't feel strong pain when I landed a quad at the training. At a warm-up I touched the ice with hands but the pain in the knee was not awful. The most difficult part to do now, after the operation, is to sit in a sit spin. Also, I had to warm-up the body longer than usual. If I don't do it, the pain in the knee becomes unbearable. But don't worry! I'll do it! I had tougher times in my life.

Fans: Can you tell us a little more about your new programs? Everybody is very interested to know.

Zhenya: The SP will be the same that we planned from the start. The FP was changed. At first we started working on another FS, but then we changed the program and made absolutely another one.

Fans: We asked because Flade wrote in her interview that you chose the music for FS but for SP- not yet.
Another fan: Flade took that interview ages ago!

Zhenya: Yes, that's true. That interview took place long time ago. The point is my new programs, both SP and FS, are ready. We haven't finished footworks yet. My new choreographer is Irina Sharonova. She is not that famous but she is very smart. She is from St-Petersburg and she teaches at the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory. This year I tried to work with Zhulin, I worked with Lambiel, I planned to work with Browning. David Avdish is my friend, my choregrapher and the person who prepares me for the skating- stretch my body, etc. We discussed with Mishin a new choreographer and decided to work with Irina. We particularly wanted to work with a female choreographer, we think it will bring some new plastic lines in my skating.

Fans: Why your cooperation with Zhulin wasn't continued?

Zhenya: We worked with him and made one program that we thought would be my new FS. But then we changed our mind. It's just not mine yet (about Zhulin's FS- *letsy).

Fans: Have you ever thought at your camp in Italy, and especially after the operations, about finishing your career?

Zhenya: Yes, I thought, more than once. One day I got up, I felt fine, I worked hard, etc. On another day I just couldn't get up, I couldn't control my body, my head, I just wanted to hang my skates somewhere and fly far away on holiday. I sometimes felt angry with myself. It's really hard to come back for the second time, much harder than the first time.

Fans: What inspires you? Yana? (girls- :hi_hi_hi: )

Zhenya: Yana always inspires me. But also, I have the target, I have the idea and I have the desire to skate. Not just skate as #2 or #3, but as #1 of course. I want to skate in Olympics. Not just participate there but I want to win. I alread told in my previous interviews that I see this season as a mid-step. My main target is 2014 year. Before that I want to jump a new quad. I had some successful attemps of 4S and 4Lutz before the operation. But now, after the operation, it's impossible for me to do that stuff. For now.

Fans: What do your doctors say? How long time will the reabilitation take?

Zhenya: It depends. You can't predict it. When they operated my right knee, I could get all my skating stuff back in a month. Of course I felt some pain but in general it was okay. But with the left knee things are not that fine. My current diagnosis is related to bone tissues (hell knows how to translate that med term- *letsy :-( ). Before between the bones there was a full cartilage. Then they cut a part of my meniscus and now the bones are rubbing each other directly. It's not that horrible, the docs say, but I shouldn't overexercise my left knee for sometime.

Fans: Your global target is Sochi. But about your plans for this year?

Zhenya: My current one is the Championship of Russia. If I made it to the team, I will go further, to the Europeans and Worlds.

Fans: After this test skate what do you think about our team?

Zhenya: You saw everything, right?

Fans: Yes, we did, and we were disappointed a lot.

Zhenya: Well, I am sure everybody will do his best. We shouldn't think that if the guys couldn't skate well now, so they wouldn't be able to skate well in the future too. That's just not the right way of thinking. Everyone will skate well, with quads, footsteps, combos, etc. Actually, I shouldn't think about how poorly they skated. I should think about my own skating and do my job.

Fans: What about Switzerland and the promised surprise? We are dying to know!

Zhenya: You'll see it soon in the magazine "Hello".

Fans: Will it be a big surprise indeed?

Zhenya: Well, it depends. For me it was a very big surprise and I am interested to know what will come after that.

Fans: Our shouting before the skating to support you, does it disturb you? We are not on your way to concentrate?

Zhenya: NO! I am really grateful to all my fans and I told that in the interview to "Komsoml'skaya Pravda". Your support, your cheering, the banners that I see everywhere, all this helps me a lot and I feel much happier. Please keep doing that!

Fans: How does the new judging system reflect on your training?

Zhenya. It changed things entirely. The FS became much more difficult. For example the footstep that I did today is only of Level 1. It looks emotional but technically it is only Level 1, because it doesn't have a lot of stuff that Level 2-4 requires. I personally like when the footwork looks impressive. But the current judging system requires to perform a lot of tricks during the footstep. Sometimes it might look boring and less colorful when you are in a hush to perform all of them in order to hit the right level. The effectiveness might suffer but the scores will win.

Fans: I agree. Let's take ice dancing. I used to watch it a lot because it was interesting. Now I don't watch it at all because they all skate the same things.
Another fan: That needs a really good choreographer to succeed in both- effectiveness and pleasing the technical commettee.
One more fan: Chan, for example, with his huge second mark. Judges do love him! Or maybe it's because of his origin, he is Canadian after all (girls: :plush42: ).

Zhenya: Chan is good. He is doing a great work. Let him skate and I will tell my word in Sochi. (girls: ;;-))) ::yaz-yk: )


Zhenya: Today (on 3rd- *letsy) I was disappointed that I didn't do a quad. I should have tried it.

Fans: We heard you had a new tattoo.

Zhenya: Yes, I did (showed it). It' s a scorpion. Here I have "Yana" (in Japanese ヤナ- *letsy.) But when we with Yanochka have our children, I will write their names and the name "Egor" too. So here I'll have the names of all my children that the scorpion will be protecting.

Fans: We want to see your son Egor. Can we do that?

Zhenya: Of course you can. He is in St-Petersburg, training in an ice-hokey school almost every day. He is cute, active and energetic. He tried the skates for the very first time when he was 2 and a half. Then he didn't attend any school for sometime. But now we enrolled him in an ice-hockey club.

Fans: His mother doesn't object?

Zhenya: No, Masha is happy with this choice.

Fans: Have you thought about enrolling him in FS?
Another fan: Come one! You should pity your own children! ( :ni_zia: - *letsy)

Zhenya: No, we don't want him to be a figure skater. That's a too difficult sport, especially now. It's better to be in a game sport. You know, if you don't feel well, you can always wait for a while on the bench (joking, laughing). Of course any sport is very difficult. We chose ice- hockey. Maybe because it is on skates too! I am sure Egor will be fine there.
Thanks to you all a lot! :ki_ss:

:son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce:
by let`s talk
07 Sep 2011, 10:06
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Re: Акция "Мусору НЕТ" || Ecological Action 17.09.2011

Плейлист по акции Мусору нет! 10 видео!
Парк Фили 17.09.11 Москва
Е.Плющенко и Я.Рудковская приняли участие в акции МУСОРУ НЕТ!\

PS :кажется с видео всё :plush41: ))
by Ирина
17 Sep 2011, 23:27
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Честно говоря,не верила,что Женя и Яна приедут в парк убирать мусор :smu:sche_nie:
Irina's report :ni_zia:

I honestly do not believe that Zhenya and Yana will come to the park to clean up the garbage :smu:sche_nie:
But they there were :sh_ok:. And how they worked :plush46: :co_ol:
We were in a team of Zhenya and Yana, of course)) ... and all have seen with my own eyes :plush45:.
We all walking on the wet grass around the park, filling the bags with garbage. Not afraid to get dirty :a_g_a:
Evgeni and in garbage collection was the leader :-): Honestly :sh_ok: He so fast filled bags with garbage, that could be envied him :plush46:
He said that he has experience from childhood ... when with his mom was collecting bottles :plush34:

Well, the bad news. Leg worried Zhenya :-(. Yesterday he got an injection into the knee joint :-( and continues with treatment.
But Zhenya holds well. Cheerful himself and hoped for the best ... :plush47: :plush47: :plush47:

It was nice, that once again Zhenya first approached to us :son-ce: Out of the car with Yana (Evgeni himself was behind the wheel), and greet us :plush40: while behind them were different photographers and ask questions)))
And at the end, when we came to the car, Zhenya went for napkins in the car :plush40: and gave them to us, so we all together rubbed dirt))....
And then he took off his T-shirt "NO GARBAGE" (which him give it Bokov on arrival), signed on it: "To my friends!" :son-ce: and has given us :plush31: :plush32: :plush39:
by cekoni
17 Sep 2011, 19:50
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Re: Акция "Мусору НЕТ" || Ecological Action 17.09.2011

Thanks for translation! :co_ol: Can you translate and beginning of next video, when Yana show her mushrooms and everyone laughs? :plush39:
Somebody found a mushroom and Yana decided that it was a death cap aka amanita phalloides. But the person who found the mushroom said that it is a penny bun aka boletus edulis. The second one is edible, served in a lot of Russian dishes and known as a "Tsar of Mushrooms" :k_i_n_g: due to its delicatessen status :e-d-a: . But the first one is deadly poisonous fungus :plush44: !!! Both mushrooms are whitish on colors but they are very different in consequences. The person is not supposed to confuse them but Yana did :sh_ok: !!! That is why people laughed. Probably Yana is too protective, so she prefes to confuse the edible mushroom with a poisonous than vice versa :hi_hi_hi: .
by let`s talk
18 Sep 2011, 18:34
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

This pics has been already posted? :du_ma_et:

03.09.11 "Каток.ру" by Ирина Цимфер

04.09.11, Одинцово by Ирина Цимфер
cute smile :plush31:

Sorry if been posted this :smu:sche_nie:
by dustman
24 Sep 2011, 20:26
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic
21.09.2011, №145 - Рассказова И.
- Download PDF:
- scan:
translated by me and Darina :ni_zia:

Evgeni Plushenko: No matter how unbearable and painfully...
Open interview of Turin Olympic Champion, who decided on the second returning. Before Plushenko, nobody did it

When you know that people love you, and love you SO much, you can do anything. And you will overcome anything - and unbearable things, and pain and the myriad of other human «I can not».
I was very touched by how Zhenya Plushenko’s fans love him. After his first Test Skating on Rublyovka, he stood with them for about an hour.
Not deny loving. And Plushenko didn't complain neither with facial expressions, nor with words, about the pain in his leg.
- Zhenya, if we'll cheer you up before you skating with your first tattoo motto "The path will be overcome by the one who walks it", you will not mind?
- Great idea - seriously replied Plushenko. – I don't mind!
- And may be our shouting does not let you focus?
- Come on! If you only knew, how it inspires me.
- But Artur Gachinsky complained that because of this, he sometimes falls on his jumps.
Plushenko made a politically correct pause, hinting at Arthur's young age.
- Artur is a good athlete. He has a great future.
- Why do you have only your wife's name tattoo, but no name of your son?
- I want Egor's name to be tattooed along with the names of babies we will have with Yana.


(here is a similar part, as in previous interviews about Test Skating: :mi_ga_et:

Plushenko: ... I tried to do a quad, but did only a triple.

- What prevented it?
- Prevent, perhaps, a long time "non-skating" to public. Still, five months I did not perform, had surgery, and this is forgotten. These feelings are forgotten!

- But this is pleasant excitement?
- Of course, pleasant. The next time I will try to do a quad.

- Some time ago you had surgery. How much it was needed? In my opinion, under the knife should go only when absolutely is no alternative.
- I have lived with this problem years, probably five. Do not dare to have surgery on my left knee. Meniscus. But as I look at the next three years, that I am going to stay in sport until 2014, I realized that I had to do this operation now. I have removed part of the meniscus, but healing, frankly speaking, all bad. Very slowly and painfully going recovery. But nothing, through the pain I jump complex elements. Put new programs. And free, and short. They just need more polish and polish.

- What are the hardest now?
- Everything!

- Still?
- This summer it was incredibly hard. This summer was a disaster. Because I starting from the scratch, and the General Physical Preparation, and choreography, and work on the ice. And it looked like this: two days training ... everything! Muscles are clogged, everything hurts. And several times I wanted to finish. I thought that I should throw this too bold idea, not that age, not that muscles, the pain was unbearable....

A few moments it was... almost stalemate. And the flash of despair, and hopelessness. The hands dropped - I not could anything. Came away from training. I was ready to go right out of Novogorsk to St. Petersburg. Skate in shows, exhibitions. But the show - is show. There's no such drudgery, as before a big tournament, which seemed to me in the summer, I can not stand neither morally, nor physically.
And who help me especially? (Mishin, Vitaly, Yana) ... Each in their own way. They told me: "Zhenya, what do you want? One month after surgery you want jump quadruple jumps?! Calm down!" And little by little, listening to them, knowing that they are right, I felt: I did not have enough wisdom and patience.
... I actually made ​​a mistake - began to forced. I wanted everything at once, but in fact, only stronger injured my operated leg. And still I feel the consequences this unnecessary haste.


- Why this impatience? You are not a boy.
- If you are a champion, you want always to be like that. And yes, I have such a character. I need all and at once! I do not accept any half-tones or half measures. But, as I said before, never too late to understand something. And now everything is going by order - and let go. I am calm. If something did not work, do not think about this as tragedy. I say to myself: "Do not worry! I will do that in the next training!"
Mental crises, breakdowns, which I survived the summer, changed me. I have been learned from childhood: "Do not delay anything for later". No matter how unbearable and painfully - necessarily I had to do on same training. Now I do not see the big sin in to break, no training one time, but on the next training to make a splash. Both, I and my whole team - we look at the situation, to my momentary health, and on this basis, we act.

- Zhenya, you do not to worry that figure skating in your absence has made dramatic leap forward. Patrick Chan, who established the world record for number of points at the last Worlds, you do not demoralize?
- And what exactly should demoralize me, according to your logic? Yagudin and I did this 10 years ago, the same two quads in one program. Patrick did a triple axel, but we did two triple axels, including cascades. Patrick Chan has demonstrated nothing new. He has not demonstrated us a new quad… lutz, for example. Or the new quad flip. Or four and a half, or 4-4. Well, so what we have to talk about? He did not do 4-3-3 cascade. Nobody has done it yet.

- But 4-3 he jumps great.
- Between 4-3 and 4-3-3 is difference, I'm sorry, there is, and not small.

- You can do that?
- Once I jumped 4-3-3, then first and only one in the world.

- But now?
- We shall see. I'm trying and will continue to try to approach to this. Absolutely! Generally, to back what I could before - this is probably limit of my dreams. This will be enough. Two quadruple jump is already, of course, difficult. But once again I say: we'll see. If we back to Chan, he did not show nothing extraordinary on the Moscow World Championships. He skated great, with this I do not argue. At that time...

- And you feel the strength, at least potentially, to break his record in the amount of points? Or the concept "amount of points" is not something to which you are oriented?
- I am oriented on my skating. On the work, that I should do. Let judges do his job and put me scores.

- You said that you try to approach again to 4-3-3. It's need this risk? With the injured leg? Is it justified?
- Justified. Of course. Leg will not pain forever...

- Why do you think the risk is justified? Lysacek won the Olympics in Vancouver without a quadruple jump. Which gave cause, well-known Elvis Stojko to make a blog entry: "Night, when they killed the figure skating." It turns out, not killed?
- I think that now everybody will jump quads. Look at the post-Olympic season, when passions are usually calm down, most favorite nonetheless went on quads. There was no such, that all give priority to a smooth, clean sliping, and with thus turn the figure skating into ballet, stopped to take risks with the quads.

- Coach and choreographer Nikolai Morozov said that if you look from position of today's score rules on great, already legendary programs of Plushenko and Yagudin, it turns out that the steps there - the first level, spins - also. Can you change and overcome that?
- Do you know that football boots before were also, as our boots. But now they weight 146 grams. And I and my coach - we are appropriate people. We do not live in yesterday's day. Yes, there are new requirements for steps and spins. And they now have levels. Naturally, we keep that in mind.


- Mishin named you as "Shakespeare of figure skating", because Shakespeare has described all the known human senses, and you - all shown on the ice. Are there more white spots?
- We have reached that point, that it is difficult to me, to pick up my new image. That's just for this reason! Insanely hard, insanely! And why examined the images of a madman, violinist, a Jewish dance ... They also have been somewhere ... But after long creative search, pains, joys and big doubts, I decided to return to the old images, simply modifying them. Remake Plushenko to a new way is very difficult, figure is molded. But add new moves, a new dance - this is possible.

- Are you sure you will never regret for the decision to the second return?
- Give skates to the museum is easy. This can be done at any time. Towards this, all come. I want - a little later. Still, the Olympics will take place at home ... And after the Olympics will be shows. In addition, I have a big dream: to build a school, and maybe academy Plushenko. With boarding school, where little skaters will live, learn and train. Perhaps with someone of the famous hockey players we will do a joint project, and the academy will have a hockey school, and even football. Personally, I would like to train at the same time, to continue, in short, to live in figure skating.

- Your son you do not wish, for some reason, this life ...
- Why, I wished him this life, only in hockey. And for what, I would do not like this life... Here, today I again skating. Survived the courage, the adrenaline. And I love skating, because it is not so simple... when something does not work, but then comes a moment when you manage do that... Wow! This is so cool!

- We can often see you at social events. You do not think that your goal - the Olympics in Sochi - assumes the full asceticism and monastic rules? (... and so on 3 years? :kli_ny: )
- On the parties, I have not seen for more than six months. But basically, I do not see there any crime.

- But, really, a social life might have something to give the mind and heart? (...but now she gave him the idea :-) )
- In my heart, I just do not like this. I do not like clubs. In the ages of 18 and 21 years I walking in the clubs. I loved it then, but it is long gone. I'll go better in the movies, or to the theater.

- Zhenya, you sometimes lying yourself?
- Myself? (a little surprised). Myself - no.

- So, you will not lie to me. Can you survive, if you not become in Sochi double Olympic champion, you will not curse the suffering of your second return?
- One hundred percent - no! I was already two times second at the Olympics. This question I already asked myself. And had time to think about the answer. And the answer is: "So, what will happen, if I can not win? Well, that would be something?". I want to try to skate on the fourth Olympics. No one did. And I want to be the first.
by cekoni
25 Sep 2011, 03:38
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Интервью Жени "Московским новостям" в дни прокатов.Вроде не было?...

Someone, please translate this article to English! :plush47:
rough translation

«To hang up the skates - it’s easy to do any moment»

The most popular Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko appeared in front of the crowd and analysts on the test skating for the 1st time after Vancouver. «МН» reporter talked to him before his skating.

— Tell us something about your new programs.
— My programs are 80% ready; the step sequences are not completed a little yet. The programs were choreographed by David Avdysh and Irina Sharonova from Petersburg. The idea of free skate is mine, the idea of SP was offered by Irina. Before the season I also worked with Stephane Lambiel on my steps and transitions which were afterwards included in the programs.

— Why did you decide to miss the Grand Prix?
— I was suggested to participate in three events, but because of the meniscus surgery on my left knee I understood that I have not enough time to prepare. Why should I take a risk again and withdraw at the last moment? So I announced my decision previously.

— Won't such a "gentle schedule" lead to the lack of competitive practices?
—Competitions are necessary of course. But if everything goes well and pain doesn’t worry me, I‘ll participate in the competitions in Russia already in October.

—Our young male skaters took part in the test skating, do you follow them?
–I always watch for my competitors. The guys are good, promising, but I just have to do my job.

— Can you feel that they are close or they haven’t reached high level yet?
— Yes, of course, I feel. That’s a sport. A single mistake – and another athlete can advance and make podium, we could see this at the World Championships in Moscow. Even the leaders failed, made incredible mistakes, had problems with skates. No matter how well you are ready at the competitions no one is safe from the accidents.
Competition is increasing in our national team. Let alone the Japanese, American, Canadian skaters. Many of them do several quads, and it will be very difficult to compete with them. However for me neither this season nor the next two seasons will be priority, my priority is Olympic year. The main competition is the Olympics in Sochi. I do not deny that I want to show the maximum there and I’ll do my best for that. It’s very hard time for me now. Extremely hard. I don’t wish and advice the second returning to anyone. But I do not regret it. To hang up the skates - it’s easy to do any moment but not everyone is able to overcome all the obstacles. I respect myself for that.

— Due to recent surgery are you gonna limit performing the difficult elements?
— If my health permits, I’ll do maximum. Perhaps, I’ll do two quad toe loops.

— Now you practice 40 minutes a day. Is this a necessary measure?
— That’s not true. I train four hours per day. I have an hour ice practice in the morning and as well in the evening; I also train in the gym for two hours a day. The workouts are different: I work on jumps or spins or steps or choreography. Now I gonna attentively watch the guys’ programs at test skating. I hope the skaters will show some new things – steps, transitions. I’ll take something from them. Before 16 September Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin and I will complete both of my programs in Novogorsk.

—Will American Olympic champion Lysacek’s returning be a certain irritating stimulus for you?
— No, I take his returning positively. On the contrary, it’s great; it will raise interest in figure skating.

— The old guard is coming back?
—It is barely right to call Lysacek «old guard». He has been skating just several years. If Yagudin, Stojko and Eldredge came back it would be really old guard.

— What do you want to get as a bottom line after the season?
— This year my main goal is to restore my skating, jumps, to get maximal ranking and go on working.
by Дарина
25 Sep 2011, 04:02
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Женя с Аксельбушем :plush33: ( при нажатии на фото 2раза оно увеличивается до оригинального размера )
Zhenya and Axelbush (click on photos for bigger size)
by Ирина
27 Sep 2011, 21:27
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Евгений Плющенко в гостях у наших подопечных!
Аутор Фонд Подари жизнь - 26.09. 2011

Вчера, 25 сентября, у подопечной Фонда «Подари жизнь» Сони, которая проходит лечение в Институте Рентгенорадиологии, был День Рождения!

До болезни маленькая Соня увлекалась фигурным катанием, поэтому волонтёры придумали пригласить на День Рождение девочки в больницу известного фигуриста Евгения Плющенко! Волонтёры позвонили Евгению накануне Дня Рождения Сони! И что всех приятно удивило – Евгений тут же согласился приехать и на следующий день уже был в больнице!

Соня была рада такому сюрпризу! Она обсудила с Женей трудности тренировок, рассказала, как правильно падать на льду и пожаловалась, что ещё не освоила прыжок сальхов.

Евгений подарил Соне КУЧУ подарков: медведя, зайца, несколько кукол и ещё много всего. И, конечно, не оставил без внимания и других маленьких пациентов! Евгений пообщался со всеми ребятами и с каждым сфотографировался!

Большое спасибо волонтёрам за то, что организовали такой сюрприз для Сони! И, конечно, спасибо Евгению Плющенко

Translation.... :ni_zia:

Evgeni Plushenko visiting our little patients!
Author: Foundation "Give life" - 26.09. 2011

Yesterday, 25 September, to Soni, patient of the fund "Give Life", which is treated at the Institute of Radiology, was a birthday!

Before the illness, little Sonia fond of figure skating, so volunteers are came up to invite on her birthday in the hospital, renowned figure skater Evgeni Plushenko! Volunteers call Evgeni on the eve of Soni's Birthday! And all were pleasantly surprised - Evgeni immediately agreed to come the next day in the hospital!

Soni was very pleased with this surprise! She discussed with Evgeni about the difficulties of training, told how to fall on the ice, and complained, that she not yet mastered the Salchow jump.

Evgeni gave Soni a LOT of gifts: a bear, rabbit, a few dolls, and much more. And, of course, he did not leave without attention and other young patients! Evgeni talked with all children, and with everyone is photographed!

Many thanks to the volunteers for organization of such a surprise for Soni! And, of course, thanks to Evgeni Plushenko!
by cekoni
27 Sep 2011, 01:54
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

For me, these are all of her's assumptions, based on his previous operations and comparing them with outcomes of others (Shabalin), combined with Plushy's own statements for newspapers.

The bottom line is that she is NOT objective person. She does not want his return to competition and in the public spotlight. All her articles about him have that, sometimes a hidden subtext, sometimes open hatred. :ze_le_ny:

... because of such Russian "journalists", Plushy had to write to twitter himself :plush34:

I don't know anything about this so-called journalist but I completely agree with Cekoni. In reading the article, my very first impression was that this woman makes far too many assumptions about things she cannot possibly know. She even pretends to know what Evgeni himself was THINKING when he went back to the ice after his surgery! :sh_ок: She seems to be basing all her "theories" on what has happened in similar past circumstances and to athletes with similar conditions, drawing an erroneous conclusion that the same outcome must be true for Evgeni also. That is a huge mistake and an injustice to Plushenko! His case is as unique as he is and she is not a medical doctor charged with his care. Even his own surgeons would likely hesitate to make predictions like this about his condition and eventual recovery at this stage. It is an outrage to me that this woman presumes to know more than they do about him! :plush43:
Since she is so fond of "assuming", I can only "assume" too that there are NO hard facts to back her words and she is not someone to be believed. For myself, I will wait to hear from the one source I can trust to know the truth about his condition and intentions: Evgeni Plushenko himself. :a_g_a:
by LunaMoon
04 Oct 2011, 10:16
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Re: Japan Open 2011 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama, 01.10.

Opining on Japan Open (2 of 3): Tuktamisheva makes the first splash

A few thoughts on Japan Open, which took place over the weekend, featuring some fantastic performances by stars former, current, and future. Now for a look at second place (less than a point behind first) Team Europe.

ELIZAVETA TUKTAMISHEVA: First senior event? No problem.
There has been some talk in the preseason about Russian champion Adelina Sotnikova, and Elizaveta Tuktamisheva has been somewhat under the radar – until now, that is. Sotnikova, who went undefeated last year and finished ahead of Tuktamisheva at Junior Grand Prix Final, Russian Nationals, and Junior Worlds last season, was supposed to have made her senior debut at last week’s Ondrej Nepela Memorial. But she withdrew, and Tuktamisheva was a last-minute replacement for Sarah Meier at Japan Open.

Lack of full preparation for the competition? No problem. With the exception of the popped triple flip, Tuktamisheva stole the show, opening with a triple lutz-triple toe and then hitting a triple sal-triple toe late in the program. She really has a natural movement on the ice, maybe cluttered by a little too much arm and hand action, but there really is a lot to like in her skating. Too bad she’s too young for Worlds this season (Sotnikova, however, is not), but she will be on the senior path this season.

ARTUR GACHINSKI: Worlds was just the beginning.
To say phrases like “meteoric rise” and “came out of nowhere” in reference to Artur Gachinski’s surprise bronze medal at Worlds was certainly no hyperbole. Consider his record going into Worlds last year – a sixth and a seventh during the Grand Prix, then fifth at Europeans, plus it was his first full senior season. But his skate at Japan Open made a case that Gachinski is going to build on that success from last season.

After collapsing on the landing of his quad toe, he came back with a powerful skate with six clean triples, looking very strong already this early in the season. Second place, above both Japanese men, and teammate-slash-European-champion, Russia should be expecting some great things from this kid this season.

FLORENT AMODIO: He’s got a quad!
Finally, after two years of hearing that Florent Amodio can do a quad salchow, it actually happened (and it was clean!). That and the opening triple axel aside, it was a bit of an uneven skate the rest of the way – popped jumps, unsteady landings, and an aborted axel to end.

The free skate itself is a bit of a work in progress too. It will be interesting to see how it evolves during the season. Amodio has the potential to be a fine skater, and it was unfortunate that his free skate last year leaned much too much toward the exhibition side in terms of its tendency toward dancing in one spot as opposed to real skating.

ALENA LEONOVA: Hearing footsteps, but still fighting.
Former World junior champ Alena Leonova’s spirited skating and resultant fourth place at home at Worlds in April could very well be the highlight of her career. And for years now, she has been watching the likes of youngsters, Tuktamisheva amongst them, overshadow her at Russian Nationals only to be too young for Worlds.

Some, including me, have predicted that she would’ve faded away by now, burdened by her inconsistency and lack of technical firepower. But she’s still here and she’s still fighting. Leonova has gotten her triple toe-triple toe more consistent and has looked better recently than she has in the seasons since she won Junior Worlds. How will she fare now that the youngsters are making the senior international debuts?

All that aside, though, do we really have to hear Requiem for a Dream again?!

by cekoni
04 Oct 2011, 13:26
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Re: Видео с Женей (разные старые) || Videos with Evgeni

Еще одна вкусняшка. :mo-ro_zi_vo: Нежно мною любимый Финал Гран-при в Петербурге, в 2003 . Разминка перед короткой программой и сама короткая - Адажио. Посмотрите, какая красивая рука в перчатке. :plush33: Хорошо снято, крупным планом.
Климкин тогда стал вторым, Абт - 4. Вот ведь были времена - 3 наших парня в Финале гран-при и 2 из них занимают 1 и 2 места. Теперь об этом только мечтать. Как и о крупных турнирах в Питере :plush34:

Evgeni Plushenko 2003 Grand Prix Final - warmup + SP Adagio + marks :

by Вера
10 Oct 2011, 07:02
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Re: Zhenya won't perform in Yoshkar-Ola

Заслуженный тренер России Алексей Мишин: Плющенко откладывает старт. Тренер чемпиона Турина-2006 в начале сезона оценил перспективы своих лучших учеников
:ni_zia: translation...

Alexei Mishin: Plushenko postpones start

Alexei Mishin with questions about Evgeni Plushenko regularly called: "Zhenya trains?", "How is his knee?". Now the most pressing question: "How likely is Zhenya's appearance on the ice in Yoshkar-Ola, at the Russian Cup (18-22.10.2011) , as he previously announced?".
In the capital of Mari El was expected the first official start the 2006 Olympics champion, since the 2010 Games. But until the start - only a week...

Amazing me skepticism in relation to Zhenya

- Alexei, you're going with Evgeni to Yoshkar-Ola?
- No. Zhenya, at this stage of the Russian Cup will not perform .

- And when it will be his first start?
- I will necessarily tell you.

- What is the reason of the cancellation? Doctors are not allowed to force training?
- The reason is one and the same. Preparation includes medical treatment, rehabilitation and training. Zhenya was seen in pre-season Test Skatings. And all were convinced: Plushenko is alive. And I, like main witness in the case of his second return, I want to notice: he is doing everything possible, to begin to perform as soon as possible. And takes tremendous willpower.

- Increased attention disturbs you?
- In relation to Zhenya's and my decision to go to fourth Olympics, I notice two waves. One of them - skepticism, in which is involved malevolence. And only the fact of such relationship, its fairly widespread, amaze me. Another wave - respect. That is - naturally. Since, if in sport is there heroism, then secondary return to the Olympic ice - is a pure manifestation of heroism. But skepticism, I might leave to the conscience of those, who can not live without it. That's all, what I can say now about the subject.

(again about Japan Open)
- If there was not a special benevolence the judges to Chan, Gachinsky could beat him?
- In talking about the unfairness of judging, there is some truth. I think Patrick Chan, an outstanding skater. I respect him, and I am totally not jealous. But at the same time, I would like to appeal to people, which forming the spirit of the rules. Chan glides beautifully. I agree, for this he should get ten points. For the transition - also ten. But for the other components - please, give him what he deserves! If Chan earns nine, give him a nine. Here is Plushenko, say, unsurpassed master of interpretations. Well, let's follow this logic, give and him for everything else automatically the maximum scores!

(about Averbukh's statement: "no one needs another Plushenko, than first Gachinsky")
- Mishin: Plushenko and Gachinsky are two very bright and original skaters. Bright and original skaters are not alike. Where do you think that they look like?

- Especially jumps, if you look at Gachinsky from afar, cause direct association with Plushenko.
- Ah! So that's it ... In this case, and jumps of Urmanov, Yagudin and Tuktamysheva, with you can cause association with Plushenko. Because all of them had one and the same coach. His name is Mishin. He put his jumping technique, accordingly with his know-how.
by cekoni
11 Oct 2011, 11:11
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Re: Видео из личного архива Евгения || Evgeni's exclusive vi

Сколько фотографий я не видел? Где я могу найти эти фотографии?
Это скриншот с видео :-): Видео скоро выложу. :mi_ga_et: Жене 20 лет.
by Вера
19 Oct 2011, 19:25
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

Всё понятно.Женя и Яна собирались в Барселону на свадьбу Антона Сихарулидзе,но опоздали
на самолет (после празднования ДР Николая Баскова :-) ) и вернулись вечером в Питер. С утра следующего дня Женя уже был на тренировке :plush45: ,а Яна репортировала об этом) фото со свадьбы Антона Сихарулидзе и его жены Яны Лебедевой

твитты об этом Бокова и Яны!/yanarudkovskaya/status/125118432432754688!/BOKOVFACTORY/status/125479770707333120!/yanarudkovskaya/status/125514899014172672!/BOKOVFACTORY/status/127157791042445313
by Ирина
21 Oct 2011, 10:24
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Re: Разные ледовые шоу || Various shows


Ледовое шоу Евгения Плющенко "Золотой лед Страдивари" / Golden Ice of Stradivari 8.3.2007

Ледовое шоу Евгения Плющенко "Золотой лед Страдивари" / GIS 21.06.2007

«Короли льда» / Kings on Ice - 31.10.2010
by cekoni
20 Oct 2011, 12:31
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Re: Видео из личного архива Евгения || Evgeni's exclusive vi

Чемпионат Европы 2001 . Этого мы еще не видели с русскими комментариями.
Блеск! Просто блеск! :plush46: plush48 :bra_vo:
Комментатор не прав - Женя - красавец! :-): Женя, ты красавец! И тогда и сейчас! :a_g_a: :son-ce:
Какой кураж, какая игра, самоотдача, я в потрясении :sh_ок:

2001 Euros SP Bolero + marks


LP Once upon a time in America + marks


EX Pasadena + Once upon a time in America

by Вера
23 Oct 2011, 11:02
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Re: Женя в Твиттере & ВКонтакте || Evgeni at Twitter & VKont

Yana Rudkovskaya tweet , 15 minutes ago:!/yanarudkovskaya/status/128377716293632000
Сижу смотрю Женину тренировку,уже сняли гипс,приехали делать сюжет "Неделя спотра с Д.Губерниевым"!Скоро выйдет!Катает сейчас произвольную программу!
I'm sitting watching Zhenya's training, already removed gypsum, here came TV to make the story for "Sports Week with D.Guberniev"! Coming Soon! He skate now free program!

1 hour ago:!/yanarudkovskaya/status/128380218762211328
Мне оч нравится Женина произвольная программа!Очень...и моя любимая музыка!Завтра прокат короткой программы,буду держать всех в курсе конечно же!
I very much like Zhenya's Free Program! Very ... and my favorite music! Tomorrow he will skate Short Program, I will keep everyone informed, of course!
by cekoni
24 Oct 2011, 13:52
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Женя,солнышко. :plush32: Горжусь тобой! Удачи и побед!

"Неделя спорта" от 24.10.11 О возвращении,о предстоящем сезоне,о своих целях!
by Ирина
24 Oct 2011, 23:25
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

"Неделя спорта" от 24.10.11 О возвращении,о предстоящем сезоне,о своих целях!

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that the recent video news report from Nedelya Sporta that featured Zhenya - I have written English subtitles and embedded them into the video. Please enjoy! You can either just watch the video on YouTube at the link below, or you can actually download the whole video to your computer from here:

Enjoy! I love Zhenya here! He is so handsome, happy, and full of energy! This video makes me very happy! plush48
by Nyssa
26 Oct 2011, 03:22
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